SNiC: CreativIT
SNiC: CreativIT

Coming 29th November the 2023 Edition of the SNiC Congress - CreativIT will take place in the DeFabrique here in Utrecht!

First, SNiC is the largest national Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence conference, organised for and by students. Last year's theme CelerIT was on the swiftness of technology in three aspects, namely the past, the present and the future. This year's edition will be around the theme of CreativIT. Where CelerIT left off, we are picking it up, looking further into the future at the creative ways in which technology can be used. We invited creative minds of our industry to explore these ways with us in three main tracks: Create, Innovate & Anticipate, and two sub tracks: Collaborate & Communicate.

Create: We immerse ourselves in the fusion of creativity and creation. Technology itself becomes a canvas for creative expression and we look at how user-centric design plays a vital role in keeping users engaged with your application. Or what user-unfriendly design does… Create is also about how technical creativity in games can be incorporated to create immersive and emotionally resonant gaming experiences.

Anticipate: The first thing that came into our minds whilst organising this conference was art. Art is no longer a static painting you can visit in a museum; combined with technology it is something that challenges our perception of the world. It is about how to anticipate the new creative ideas that emerge. In today’s world this is very relevant, because are you looking at a video of a real person or a deepfake?

Innovate: The innovate track delves into how real-world problems can be tackled. From personalization to sustainability, the brightest minds of our industry will walk you through how they creatively overcame problems they see in their everyday lives.

Collaborate & Communicate: We invited companies to talk with you about exciting business cases and work or internship opportunities. These business cases and speeddates will be given throughout the day to further your professional career. There are very limited places for these sessions, but not to worry; These companies will be present the whole day on our company market even if you cannot make it to their sessions.

TLDR: Join us on the 29th of November in Utrecht at DeFabrique for an inspiring and engaging congress featuring innovative talks about computer science, company contact and discussion panels; lunch, borrel and dinner included!

Now since we no longer are a study association for informatics and information science, this will be the last SNiC congress we take part in. So if you haven't gone yet this is your chance! You can check out extra information at

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SNiC 2023 CreativeIT

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