LaTeX masterclass: Pimp your Thesis
LaTeX masterclass: Pimp your Thesis

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LaTeX Masterclass

Pimp your Thesis

When: Monday 27th of februari
Time: 13:30 - 16:30
Where: BBL 112


You can register here or by email. Registation is not obligatory, although there will be free drinks afterwards for those who do.

About the masterclass

In this masterclass we will focus on all the topics required to make your thesis just a bit fancier. Amongst the topics that will be discussed are:
  • making a custom title page
  • changing the page layout
  • changing page numbering style
  • making an index and a bibliography
If there is something that you would like to see as well: let us know in advance (if you think it might be interesting to others as well) or ask one of us during the masterclass.

Entry level

We will presume a basic LaTeX understanding. That means you have written some articles in LaTeX and you know basic commands and environments. If this is not the case, but you would like to attend the masterclass, please let us know in advance. During the masterclass there will be "hands on experience" sessions. If you have a laptop with a customised LaTeX working environment, feel free to bring it with you and use that instead of the practical machines. If you do have a laptop, but trouble installing LaTeX on it, we can assist with that as well. In that case, make sure to be there 30 minutes early, so the installation is finished before the masterclass starts.

Bring your own thesis

If you are currently working on a thesis, you can bring it along and get help with the LaTeX-problems you are running into.


The masterclass will be in English unless there are no non-native Dutch speakers present.