Dynamic Systems Seminar
Dynamic Systems Seminar
The Utrecht Dynamical Systems Seminar is a monthly platform at the Utrecht Mathematical Institute for the presentation and discussion of topics related to dynamical systems theory with a focus on mathematical aspects but an open eye towards applications. The seminar is organized by Heinz Hanßmann and Sebastiaan Janssens. It consists of a presentation of approximately one hour, followed by discussion. On the website you find the schedule of upcoming talks.
  • Groep: Medezeggenschap
  • Begin: di 24 mei 2011, 15:30
  • Eind: di 24 mei 2011, 17:00
  • Aanvullende website: http://www.dydx.nl/dss/
  • Locatie: Minnaert 169
  • Organisator: Universiteit Utrecht
  • Poster: Nee