Inhousedag Flow Traders
Inhousedag Flow Traders

The Flow Traders in-house day gives you the opportunity to understand our core business and company culture.
You will gain insight into the world of trading and software development at Flow Traders. A trader will be presenting
and analyzing real world examples of products and market strategies to help you understand more about trading.
You will also meet some of our Software Engineers who will tell you more about their journey at Flow Traders, the
tools and technologies they are using and the teams they are part of.
On top of that, you will participate in a trading challenge where you can show your numerical skills, and a fun coding
challenge to test your problem-solving skills. 

What do you need to remember for the In-House Day? Please don’t forget to bring your own laptop and charger as you will need them for the coding challenge. The coding challenge will  take place on the HackerRank platform, so it is important that you create a personal HackerRank account before the event, to avoid any unnecessary delays (



  • Actposter
  • Commissie: SpoCie
  • Begin: wo 11 mrt 2020, 10:00
  • Eind: wo 11 mrt 2020, 15:00
  • Locatie: Amsterdam
  • Toegangsprijs: Gratis
  • Organisator: A–Eskwadraat
  • Categorie: Arbeidsmarktoriëntatie
  • Maximum aantal deelnemers: 25
  • Poster: Ja